Innovative Proptech Solutions for Tenant Management

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By Teresa Campo
Innovative proptech solutions for tenant management
The most innovative strategic lever for increasing portfolio value is called tenant management, fundamental in large lease-type mixed (homes, offices and commercial spaces) real estate portfolios for optimal management of relations with tenants/lessees. In fact, tenant management, if well managed, allows detailed measurement of client satisfaction, facilitating the identification of enhancement interventions which allow you to maximize rent values, bringing them to the highest market levels. Tenant management allows active management of occupancy status on the one hand, i.e., keeping tenants able to pay more and with higher credit standing. On the other hand, it makes it possible to better target the search for new tenants for empty or vacant spaces. However, for everything to work, tenant management needs to be controlled by proptech solutions customized for the specifics of the real estate portfolio. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly identify properties, internal and external demands, and suppliers delegated to manage them. For each type of call, it is important to identify the sequence of expected activities, each characterized by average execution times, revealing instances of noncompliance with appropriate alerts. Equally necessary is that the system is powered by a specialized call center managed by an experienced staff with customer relations and dissent management skills. A proptech tenant management system allows you to gather a series of data that may be processed for management purposes. This is very useful, for example, in the analysis of calls for each property; allowing you to identify recurring types of calls as well as the most problematic properties, and to understand the evolution of these phenomena over a period of time, to be correlated with any corrective actions. Likewise, average execution times of different activities can be measured to reveal anomalies and opportunities for process optimization.

Tenant and Tenant Relationship Management Software

This is the context of the project launched by Conio with the support of proptech EASYRE, developed by DPS, to manage relations with tenants/lessees of the Milan and Turin assets of the Reale Compagnia Italiana managed by Kryalos Sgr. The first months of activity confirmed that dedicated customer care enables the collection of inquiries in a structured way, specifically targeting them for interested facilities and providers. The volume of managed data then enables sophisticated performance analysis and improvement of operational processes. Finally, digitized management of SLAs (service level agreements) helps operators keep up with customer needs.