Proptech for Real Estate Sales Network Control

Software Platform to Optimize Real Estate Sales

Monitoring Tools for Disposal, Sale or Lease of Real Estate Portfolios

When a Asset Management Company (AMCs), financial institution, or real estate network needs to dispose of, sell, or lease a vast real estate portfolio, it is necessary to turn to external entities such as real estate agencies or individual brokers. In the presence of numerous real estate units, a proptech that oversees the sales and leasing process becomes indispensable.

Investors, fund managers, CEOs, and general managers require the support of proptech that, through structured dashboards, alerts, and key performance indicators (KPIs), facilitate the management and control of such processes.

Establishing Standards and KPIs for Real Estate Agents and Managers

In an environment characterized by collaboration with numerous real estate agents and various managers, it is crucial to establish common parameters that support the control of the entire commercial network. This becomes vitally important when interacting with many real estate agents who may follow processes and quality standards different from ours.

Controlling the commercial network in this context involves a process of supervision and monitoring of activities and transactions carried out by all parties involved. It is at this stage that having key performance indicators (KPIs) becomes essential to measure operational efficiency and enable the adoption of best practices throughout the network, overcoming the limitations of traditional methodologies not based on up-to-date statistical data.

The Risk of Not Controlling the Real Estate Sales or Leasing Network

The complexity of the real estate sector demands accurate and informed navigation, especially when managing an extensive network of agents and managers. The absence of effective control software utilizing certified key performance indicators (KPIs) can expose the entire commercial network to significant risks.

Uncertainty and Inconsistency: Without a standardized system, real estate listings can vary chaotically, reflecting inconsistent and sometimes inadequate quality standards. This inconsistency not only creates confusion but can also harm the reputation of agencies, diminishing the trust of potential buyers or tenants.

Lack of Transparency: Transparency is a fundamental pillar in the real estate market. The absence of reliable KPIs leaves room for subjective interpretations, making it challenging to identify the true reasons behind the lack of interest in certain real estate units.

Risk of Fraud: The absence of a monitoring and control system can also facilitate unethical or even fraudulent behaviors. The possibility of acting undetected, without the risk of being exposed by objective data analysis, may be a temptation for some to operate outside ethical and legal norms.

Missed Opportunities: Finally, without KPI-based analysis, the opportunity to learn from historical data and continuously improve sales and marketing strategies is lost. Certified data serves as a compass to navigate the market and optimize performance, and neglecting them means forgoing an opportunity for growth and prominence in the industry.

Monitoring and Identification of Success Factors in Real Estate

EASYRE represents a powerful tool for maintaining full control over sales networks in the real estate sector. This control is made possible through a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) that meticulously measure the operational efficiency of real estate agencies.

Key aspects that are constantly monitored include the intensity of promotional activities, the quality of real estate listings, and response times from agents. These data provide a comprehensive and detailed view of ongoing operations and are available at every level of aggregation within the organization, ranging from Asset Management Company to individual real estate agents.

The analysis of collected data not only enables the identification of inadequate behaviors but also highlights successful cases and defines best practices – the most effective strategies and tactics that can be implemented throughout the real estate sales network (fund managers, real estate agencies, mortgage brokers).

The Key to Effective Monitoring of Real Estate Commercial Networks

EASYRE emerges as a fundamental tool for effective control of sales networks, providing a detailed and up-to-date view of ongoing commercial activities. The availability of verified information plays a crucial role: for example, analyzing response times through data obtained directly from phone systems, acquiring information on property purchase interests through listing portals, and monitoring the time elapsed between a purchase proposal and the signing of the deed, obtained from the CRM.

This allows managers and investors to base their decisions on reliable data provided by a unified software system with certified information. Furthermore, standardized reporting generated by a common CRM eliminates discrepancies that can arise when each broker operates with their own standards and interpretations.


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