Real Estate Budgeting Forecast and Actuals

Forecasts and Insights for Strategic Real Estate Decisions

Keeping Real Estate Budgets Under Control

For managers and investors in the real estate sector, having a clear and up-to-date overview is crucial. This need extends from the current state of sales to the actuals, comparing real results with real estate sales forecasts. Even more importantly, it is crucial to have a prospective view based on concrete data—such as the status of offers, signed agreements, and scheduled closings. In this context, owning a dashboard that provides certified and comprehensive data becomes an invaluable tool. This dashboard should not only reflect the actual real estate budget compared to the forecast but also provide insights into future trends based on tangible elements of the real estate market. This allows managers to have a clear and updated picture of sales performance, broken down by funds, brokers, and real estate agents, providing crucial support for making informed and strategic decisions.

Forecast Budget for Each Fund and Real Estate Agent

When a manager defines a real estate forecast budget for a fund or a set of properties earmarked for sale or lease, EASYRE automatically distributes this budget among various real estate agencies based on the value of properties assigned to them. This automated process ensures precise and proportionate budget allocation, facilitating monitoring and management. Every stage of the transaction, from the initial proposal to the compromise and through to the closing, is meticulously tracked in real-time, allowing for automatic and detailed real estate budget reconciliation. This system provides managers with accurate control and a clear, updated view of sales performance, grounded in concrete and certified data essential for effective strategic decisions.

Do you have the latest real estate sales budget updated to last month?

In many companies today, you still hear the phrase: “This is the data updated to last month.” This statement highlights a significant gap: the absence of a system that real-time reconciles the real estate budget following each lease or sale of a property unit.

Without an automated workflow that constantly updates the budget, actual data runs the risk of losing its informational value. This scenario leaves the manager in a precarious position, unable to make accurate forecasts for future sales. Without a complete and up-to-date view of proposals, compromises, and scheduled closings, the decision-making process becomes an unstable ground burdened by uncertainties.

The goal is to eliminate manual and often inadequate tools like Excel spreadsheets and provide a solution that automatically reconciles every transaction, ensuring that budget data is always up-to-date and reliable.

Compliance Immobiliare

Optimization and Sharing of Goals in Real Estate Budgeting

Real-time updating of real estate budgets and their visibility throughout the entire commercial chain, involving all stakeholders from fund managers to real estate agents, is a crucial factor in defining and sharing clear and achievable objectives. This transparency allows all operational levels to align with the strategic goals set by managers and stakeholders, ensuring greater consistency and effectiveness in implementing sales and leasing policies.


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