Maximum protection against attacks and abuse

Maximum protection against attacks and abuse

Defending the system from intrusions and hacker attacks is essential, but not sufficient.

In addition to firewalls, antivirus, encryption, and SSL-certified access, EASYRE also adopts solutions to secure data from abuse by authorized access personnel:

Track all the operations performed on the platform

Prevents massive download of sensitive data

Makes the DB unreadable even for system administrators.



Designed to be compliant

The ability to fully exploit the potential of the collected data is what makes EASYRE such an effective control tool, and thanks to the “by design” implementation of GDPR compliance the whole process is done in total security.

In fact, all data acquired are strictly encrypted  and  can be anonymized to feed machine learning systems in full compliance with regulations.

Always accessible, on any platform

EASYRE is a SaaS (software as a service) and requires no installation, all one has to do is login via a browser to have full web-based access to all features from any device, even on the move and always in total security.

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