Proptech with CRM to Maximize Real Estate Sales and Leases

Real estate CRM to track every request and every lead

Advanced Solution for Real Estate Managers

For managers handling the disposal, sales, and leasing of extensive real estate portfolios, maximize sales opportunities and managing each request precisely and consistently becomes crucial.

To make informed decisions, EASYRE provides certified KPIs derived from the Call Center hub, real estate CRM, and interconnection drivers with Real Estate Portals and Social Networks.

Lead Management in the Real Estate Sector through Advanced Proptech

When a potential customer expresses interest in purchasing a property, the Proptech activates a suite of advanced tools. Our real estate CRM seamlessly integrates with major portals (Immobiliare, Idealista, Casa, etc.), automatically and systematically collecting every incoming request. The Call Center handles customer calls, and if the agent is occupied, it forwards the data to facilitate a subsequent contact.

The CRM tracks each lead, analyzing the source of inquiries (website, signage, dedicated portal, etc.) and assessing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. This detailed analysis identifies the channels generating more leads and those leading to actual sales or leases, optimizing the use of resources.

The Importance in Real Estate Marketing of Certified Data

The lack of a data-driven approach can lead to ineffective and costly decisions. Managers relying solely on their preferred marketing channels, without the support of certified data, risk overlooking the most profitable opportunities. The tendency to invest in familiar channels rather than those clearly more effective can result in a significant loss of efficiency and maximize return on investment.

A clear example of this issue arises in the context of call management. Our data highlights that, on average, a real estate agent misses 44% of calls due to other commitments. This situation is crucial, considering that potential customers opting for telephone communication show a three times higher likelihood of making a purchase compared to those who submit written requests. The absence of an integrated call center with a real estate CRM system to manage such calls results in a loss of invaluable contacts.

Furthermore, it is practically impossible to assess whether each real estate agency adheres to high marketing standards without the aid of dedicated software. Such a system is essential to monitor various crucial aspects, including the number and quality of published listings, their presence on various portals to ensure visibility and diversification, as well as tracking the behaviors of real estate agents to ensure compliance with ethical and professional standards.

In summary, managers neglecting the use of KPIs based on certified data expose themselves to the risk of suboptimal decisions, inefficient investments, and less effective management of sales and leasing opportunities. The adoption of advanced software is the only opportunity to remain competitive in an increasingly data-driven market.

Proptech That Transforms Every Lead into a Success Opportunity

The use of EASYRE contributes to optimizing sales in the real estate sector, providing key benefits:

  • Efficient Request Management: EASYRE processes every request quickly and efficiently, facilitating the capture of potential opportunities.
  • Prompt Responses from the Call Center: Our Call Center provides timely responses, improving interaction with potential clients.
  • Focus on Return on Investment in Campaigns: EASYRE supports you in identifying effective advertising channels based on return on investment analysis.
  • Analysis and Continuous Improvement: Detailed CRM data allows monitoring of agent performance and promotes effective practices for continuous improvement.

Effective Real Estate Marketing Management

In conclusion, EASYRE emerges as an essential tool for advanced real estate marketing management. Through accurate analysis and efficient lead processing, the software enables real estate managers to effectively tackle market challenges. Its ability to process requests quickly, coupled with integration with various channels and detailed analysis provided by the CRM, allows for the optimization of sales and leases of real estate portfolios. EASYRE is the real estate software focused on data precision and certification to achieve speed and efficiency in decision-making.


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