Standardizing the Real Estate Sales and Leasing Process

Real Estate Management for Process Standardization

Optimizing Real Estate Sales in AMCs and Real Estate Networks

EASYRE is an advanced management system for companies in the real estate sector, designed to standardize and optimize sales processes. It provides tools to harmonize methodologies, improve efficiency, and reduce errors. Through detailed analysis, it enables investors, funds, and real estate agencies to measure the effectiveness of their sales and leasing strategies. Fundamental in the standardization process is the measurement of results through certified Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Unifying and Standardizing Real Estate Marketing

The use of a shared management system is a fundamental asset for companies in the real estate sales sector. Standardizing processes allows different entities to adopt a unified methodology, ensuring the consistent collection and measurement of data. In an environment where different real estate agencies operate on various funds, the adoption of a shared methodology becomes crucial. For instance, the drafting of real estate listings, facilitated by a management system that standardizes the process, organizes a consistent publication (different property types on each portal), ensuring coherence even in the presence of different agencies and corporate cultures. This approach simplifies the direct comparison of real estate marketing results obtained by various brokers, thanks to the standardization of parameters, metrics, and quality standards.

The Risks of Not Using a Real Estate Management System

  1. Each real estate fund, acting independently without a real estate management system that standardizes SLA and workflows, can adopt unique marketing and sales strategies. Without centralized guidance, there is a risk of developing uncoordinated individual initiatives.
  2. The diversity of corporate cultures among different real estate funds and various real estate agencies can lead to significant operational differences, such as varying response times or differences in the quality of real estate listings.
  3. Without standardized parameters and Key Performance Indicators (KPI), it becomes challenging to compare and evaluate the results achieved by entities such as real estate funds and brokers.

Management and Standardization in Real Estate Sales Processes

  1. Measurability of Results: The real estate management system makes results easily measurable. This not only allows for in-depth performance analysis but also provides a clear view of performance at both individual and organizational levels.
  2. Ability to Predefine Objectives: EASYRE offers an advanced perspective on strategic management, allowing for the predefined setting of improvement objectives for the future. The use of accurate and comparable data becomes a valuable compass for a targeted growth path.
  3. Adherence to Common Standards: Adhering to common standards through an integrated management system becomes the glue that ensures consistency and uniformity in real estate sales processes. This facilitates not only daily operations but also synergy among different funds and various real estate agencies.


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